Week Three of the Master Key Experience

I am really enjoying this class/seminar/mastermind etc.  It is a lot of work, and I am getting more comfortable with it every day.   We have to sit still for 15 minutes daily, which I found to be very hard.  Louise told me to do it with my eyes closed, and it has made all the difference in the world!  I am able to do my 15 minutes daily without suffering and dread.

I’ve had some interesting things happen in the last couple of weeks.  There is a man in my Yacht Club, who has awful (to me) political beliefs that he was trying to push on me.  We didn’t talk for over 2 years, and then this past Friday, I asked him if he would like to call a truce.  We hugged and it’s all good.

Also, on Friday night when we are racing, some people on the boat don’t seem to have a clue after racing for years.  So this past Friday, I yelled at one of the women because she put us into a dangerous situation, and didn’t have any idea why.   I yelled at her to do something that would improve the situation.  And, before we finished the race, I apologized to her for yelling, and tried to explain why I got so upset.  It was very cool, and the owner of the boat who is a Psychiatrist, gave me a high-five when he heard me.

I can feel my thoughts becoming more positive and work on blocking out the negative ones.

It should be a very exciting 6 months in this program.


4 thoughts on “Week Three of the Master Key Experience”

  1. Oh Rachel!!! How exciting!!! You are experience the very result of your changed thought. Isn’t it amazing? Look what has happened in a couple weeks! 6 months will blow us away!!! Blessings!


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