I was so excited when I got the call from Joe Moore-or-less from KGMB Honolulu wanted to interview me.  So here goes:

Joe Moore-or-Less:  So Rachel, tell me what you did in the last few years to grow your finances by 1000%?

Rachel:  Well Joe, it all started with the “Master Key Experience”.  I found it on-line, quite by accident.  Because I’m originally from Brooklyn, I liked the way Mark J. , who actually lives on Kauai, and is the founder of the program, said “Fughettaboutit, and I signed up.  I actually had no idea what I was getting myself into.

But week, by week, I could feel myself changing.  I noticed that I got our of my head more often, and I started to feel.  My habits changed from being self-destructive, to good habits, habits that propelled me forward in my life.  I can see everything more clearly now because I’ve taken “me” out of the equation.  I am able to listen and actually  be with a person, fully, without my pre-existing opinions blocking what is currently going on.  I find it easy to attract people to me.  And once talking, they get that I am fully available for them, and most of the time, luckily, they want to join me in the Business.

Joe Moore-or-Less: Tell me more.

Rachel:  After spending my life, “waiting for someday,” I realized that someday had finally arrived.  I have been involved with one network marketing company for 20 years and was struggling.  And then, during and after MKE, things started falling into place.  All sorts of bizarre coincidences and attractions happened.  I was able to meet more and more people who helped to propel my business further than I ever imagined.   I attracted some great people who were natural born leaders.  Especially 5 leaders who took the bull  by the horn and built their business, like their live’s depended on it.  (I actually guess it did.)

My line grew and grew and grew all over the US, Canada, South America,and Europe and is continuing to grow.   I am so grateful to have attracted these great, wonderful, dynamic people into my downline.  I love each and every one of them.

Joe Moore-or-Less:  So tell me, what’s next for you?

Rachel:   I plan to continue to grow my downline family.  I want each and every distributor to make a bare minimum of $1000 a month, with the sky being the limit!  If they want $5000 a month or $50,000 a month, it’s all available and up to them.

I have each of my leaders to take the Master Key Experience, and I  pay it forward for each of them.  If they have the desire, I’m more than happy to make it happen for them.  The benefits much outweigh the cost.

Besides growing my business, I am also living my life.  I have been chartering sailboats all aound the globe with my friends and visiting lots of countries, meeting lots of people, and growing in all areas of my life.

I love being on the ocean, so I go on multiple cruises  a year.  It’s nice that I can mix business with pleasure. I’ve found lots of great people on these cruises who were interested in the business and have ultimately joined me.

When I am home here in Honolulu, I love to sail my new 31 foot Beneteau sailboat that I keep at the Waikiki Yacht Club.   I’d love for you to come for a ride sometime!

Joe Moore-or-Less:  Rachel, I think I will take you up on that!

I’d like to thank Rachel for this interview.  Perhaps the first of many!


6 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE 10/24/18”

  1. Thank you Rachel. Love the interview. You woud like everybody to see this as they enter you blog. I suggest you put it as a tab a the top of your page. Refer back to the digitalsolutions calls. there is a replay of how to add pages to your blog. AWESOME job.


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