I had a terrible day today.  My opinions were totally running me.  I practiced stoping and changing the subject in my head, but still they continued.  I assume all kinds of different feelings are going to come up doing MKE!

This week, so far, I am confused.  I have to either watch the broadcast again, or read the notes, or both.   I have a block when it comes to Smart goals and the compass.

My money situation is really bad, even though I have a full time job with the State.  I have a MLM business for twenty year I qualified for 19 of those years,  but the last year or so, I gave up on working it, and my line is almost totally gone.   I realize now that the only way to get myself out of debt is to bring in more money.  Time to go back to work!

I will attract new people to my business, who want to “go for it”.  People who want it as much or more than I.  I find leaders!   Between us, we will grow the business not only in the USA, but also all the other countries we do business in.


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