Master Key Experience Week 9

Happy Thanksgiving!

I realized it’s Thursday, and I hadn’t done my blog, so here goes:   I have been really hesitant about getting a mastermind partner, because I don’t want to say I am going to do something, and then not do it.

My guide told me to write in “alliances”  about wanting a mastermind partner, sort of.

I now have 2 mastermind partners, one in Sweden, and one in Canada!

I have been having trouble getting myself motivated to do my network marketing business.   I was notified last week by my upline on Saturday and that the company is having all sorts of incentives for December.   If I do $30,000 in December, I will achieve the next level, Platinum, and I would also win a cruise and a trip to Italy.

I would love to achieve that goal, but my mind is saying that $30K might as well be 3 million!  Maybe getting hit by lightening will wake me up!!!

I took the MKE to rid myself of whatever is blocking me.   I learn more about myself everyday.  I know I will win.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 9”

  1. Rachel, what is coming through to me from MKE are two things (1) to be specific and (2) know what we want. I may not always get the terminology, so here goes. The Law of Substitution says “I cannot think of 2 things at the same time” and the Law of Growth says “Whatever we think about grows.What I forget atrophies” and the So, when you write “whatever is blocking me” subby hears B-L-O-C-K and continues with this Old Blueprint. Perhaps starving subby of opportunites to ‘block’ things may give you the space, and peace and quiet, to demand that subby serves you something up that is delicious, beneficial, amazing, unlimited, how things are meant to be…In this way you build the muscle of your heart’s desire and eliminate blockages from your life permanently. By the way, what does it feel like to be cruising and travel around Italy? It’s just as easy to think and tell subby “When I qualify for Platinum before …(put in the date that works) I am …than to be at the slave of subby by thinking, writing or saying “If I qualify… Love your heart with all your might and it will drive your passion in your network marketing business!


    1. Aloha,
      Thank you so much pointing out that using the word Block will actually block me in the future. Your insight is well taken! I need to take me and my excuses out of the equation.
      Thanks again!


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