Masterkey week 10

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  I can’t believe we are heading into week 11 already!  The means I’ve read everything a gazillion times, and sat in my lanai daily in silence and being still 70 plus times!

i resisted getting a mastermind partner, so now I have 2.  One in Sweden and one in Canada.  I live in Hawaii, so we are pretty spread out.

Last week, I was in a lot of mental discomfort.  This week, not so much.  Hopefully there is a breakthrough right around the corner!

i watched the first seminar of finding your purpose 3 times until I could understand what they wanted us to do.  When I finally did the cards, I came up with:  “ I am a financiall free Beneteau Oceanis 31 sailboat owner!”  I like that reality and definitely would like to see that happen.  I don’t know how, but the universe does, so I just have to know What I Want!

ill keep you informed as to how it plays out.  Tune in next week for an update!🌈⛵️🤙


6 thoughts on “Masterkey week 10”

  1. Isn’t it great to feel the excitement growing? And wow, you are sailing a Beneteau Oceanis 31 sailboat. That’s awesome Rachel. Why not up the ante and breakthrough this week? Double or ttiple your enthooosiasm beyond any level you have given ever in your lifetime. Raise your levels of consciousness in your visualisations with laser like focus and replace any expectations ,good or bad with absolute knowing. Have an amazing week!!


  2. How wonderful – not only do you see yourself clearly but you’re trusting the universe to find a way forward. And I can also understand the mental discomfort. When it comes up for me (and it does, repeatedly!), it’s showing me that something is out of balance and needs work. That’s something that I’m grateful for. All the best for a great week!


  3. It is remarkable to stop and “add up” the number of times we have repeated certain exercises/activities/habits. Sometimes I find it inspiring. Sometimes I just shake my head and don’t know quite how to think or feel about it. For instance, I have always vigorously resisted the activity of meditation; the list of reasons is long and tedious. But, having taken it up as an “obligation” of the Master Key program, I find that I now look forward to it each day. Odd little surprises all the time.


    1. I do the sit everyday, but I dread it for some reason. I find I can actually put myself into a relaxed state by just saying to myself a few times “I can be what I will to be”


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