I feel different!  I like myself more!   Something has shifted….  Is it because I started using a grounding pad, or is it MKE or maybe both!  I don’t care where it’s coming from, but I just feel different!  I feel more happy and secure with myself.

I was at a meeting tonight regarding the Transpac Yacht Race, a sailboat race from Long Beach California to Diamond Head Buoy on Oahu.  This is the 5th race that I’m the chair person for the “follow me” boats.    In any case, there were people I’ve known for years but never felt comfortable talking to them.  I would talk to them if race related.  Tonight at the meeting, I was talking with everyone like I was one of the guys instead of an outsider!

I’ve noticed lately that I seem to have a lot of opinions when I’m driving.  “This one is an idiot, don’t they know how to drive, yada, yada, yada.”  I don’t like that I have all those opinions, however the good news is that I notice it, it bothers me, and perhaps I’ll stop doing it!

I can see myself sailing the Beneteau Oceanis 31 sailboat I want.  It is on my DMP and I intend to get it!   I also am going to manifest and income exceeding $25,000 per month.

Till next time……..

1 thought on “MKE WEEK 12”

  1. Talking to strangers huh? Me too!
    I know they are not strangers, but even the people we don’t normally strike up a conversation with…targets for the ” I greet this day with love” to receive what you have to give.
    Enjoy your races!


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